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Default power window conversion 73-82 c10

get your window regulators w/motors or complete power doors from doner vehicle i chose to use the complete doors as mine were toast

new doors

pulled from doner vehicle no wires need to be cut! it all un plugs

while your grabbing your parts grab the power relay too its hooked to the harness

ok lets get started

for ease of installation i pulled the fenders and hood

now look at your A pillar there is 4 indents between the hinges

drill 3 holes like this large hole is 1.5 inches

now for the inside you have to pull your vents below the dash there is another indent showing where to drill the other 1.5 inch hole.
if you look just behind the vent lever you can see the indent

on the drive side you also have remove the e-brake as well.

bolt the door on and route the door harness from the outside into the inside take your time the large rubber plug will fit into the hole. pull the harness through until the rubber plug reaches the second 1.5 hole we drilled behind the lower vent cover. pull just until the rubber pops into place

now bolt on the wire loom with the stock hardware if you have it if not then use self tapping bolts 1/2" long

now move to the inside mount the relay to the brake pedal hanger

now run the harness under the dash along the stock harness. plug in the harness to the relay and both doors. on the relay plug there is and orange wire with a black stipe this runs through the fire wall to the junction on the fire wall to receive constant 12 volts. you may have to drill this hole as well i had to make sure to use a grommet.

next plug the pink/blk wire into the fuse box

next hook up the ground wire, this bolts to the e-brake where the other grounds are.

now close you doors and step back and enjoy your power windows. then put hood and fenders back on of course.


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Nice write up man, I had been hoping to see this done in detail for a while.
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great write up. I just did something similar. My 83 had power windows to start with. i have 2 donor trucks. Both have manual windows. I did not have to run wire like you did, but the indents on the door was a great reference point to make my hole. I just used one of my step bits.
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