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Default thoughts on a build

Hey fellas,

I have an 84 I am done with.....

I am looking for the OG. here in FL where I am the ol timers are pretty proud of these rigs when they have been even mildy suped up . So here is my thought.

I am looking to buy an Lt1 buick roadmaster. 350engine, 700r4, disk breaks new rear end and so on. They go for around 800-1000 bucks. Rather than spend all that loot on new drop spindles and new rotors and springs or drop members, it seems like it would be easier to "z cut" the buick whole front clip.

then for essentially free I get a drive shaft ,rear end, prolly good steelies since the buick come with hub caps.

Feels like a cheap easy way to roll.


would love to hear any concerns
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