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Default Lowering Rear Coils or Blocks?

Hello all, psych'd to be here! This is my first post to this site. Been reading through some threads here and like what I see. Hopefully I can contribute as much in return.

I've was looking for a sweet C-10 for over 3 years. I scored a 64 SWB survivor, off eBay nonetheless. Making it my daily driver. It's got a 230 with only 67k on it. Came with the optional granny 4-on-the-floor, and 22 gallon tank. Paint is all original, as is the interior. The body is unbelievable with almost zero rust anywhere, really. Starting to go through it, and thinking about lowering it -2.5 front and -3 rear. Spindles front, but unsure of the rear drop method. Went under it today to study the suspension. Option 1. Seems if I use blocks, it raises the axel while maintaining the stock spring and its travel distance (minus drop). Doesn't look like it would bottom out with the axle tube hitting the frame. Cutting bump stop assist. It also wouldn't move the trailing arm closer to the ground. Which is good for clearance. I kind of like keeping the stock spring travel, but realize modern lowering springs have better technology. Also, the stock shock would have to allow for the additional -3"s of travel. Option 2. Use lowering springs. Gain modern spring technology. Change to a shorter shock. Note, with either option I want to tow, not huge loads, but tow.

Chime in. Share your opinions.


here's pic...

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Awesome truck. Starting with a good survivor will make your build sooo much more fun.

In regards to lowering, IMO, Lowering Coils are the right way to go. Check out my build thread, I used drop springs and made my own upper shock relocator brackets.

Blocks are dangerous if your go more than 2" with 15" wheels, due to scrub line problems. Plus, also IMO, blocks look stupid from the back of the truck, they look like something is broken and about to rub on the ground. (Because something IS about to rub the ground)

Check out this thread for more on scrub lines http://c10forum.com/forum/showthread...ght=scrub+line
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"The Orange Crate" 1965 C10 SWB Step Side Build Thread

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